Veeam v7 support for VMware vSphere 5.5

Veeam Backup & Replication v7 was released August 15, 2013. This release introduced some new powerful features to the market namely Backup from SAN Snapshots, WAN Accelerator, Backup Copy Job and many other minor enhancements that make the product very attractive. The release schedule for Veeam is always slated to be right before VMware’s VMworld San Francisco 2013 which helps to hype the product and deliver the new information to the user’s in the industry. Another reason for the launch prior to VMworld is to get recognized by VMware for the innovations that Veeam has become well known for delivering to the market.

One thing that VMware uses VMworld for is to promote their own products that will be launching into the market upon the upcoming months. VMware began building buzz around their upcoming release of vSphere 5.5 which would end up being released September 22, 2013. Veeam has always had a tight partnership with VMware and with that partnership has access to the code prior to the release of the product.

VMware introduced a change to 64-bit modules in their vSphere API for Data Protection (VADP). Veeam and other data protection vendors have had to re-write their code to accommodate this change. This prompts for more development and testing hold-ups.

Veeam has released a document on their website stating the progression plans for the patch releases that will incorporate support for vSphere 5.5 within Veeam v7.


Link to the full article: here

*UPDATE* : The “patch #2” that will include support for VMWare vSphere 5.5 will now be known as Veeam Backup & Replication R2.

One note worth mentioning, Veeam has suggested that in preparations for upgrading to VMware vSphere 5.5 and the change with the 64-bit API, you can begin upgrading your Veeam proxy servers to a 64-bit Windows version. This will make you compatible with Veeam v7 and you’ll be ready to backup through the 64-bit API after upgrading.